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Proven Quality

Quality Process

The Wilson team takes a tremendous amount of pride in producing the highest quality products in the industry. These standards apply to our customer service, manufacturing process, product installation and ultimately to the performance on the vehicle. We are committed to the principle of continuous improvement as a means of satisfying our customer requirements, achieving our quality objectives and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes. Every single product we build passes through a series of rigorous testing processes, from the components we use through the final shipped product.

We maintain a calibration system to ensure that all of Wilson's measuring and test equipment is within predetermined specifications. Our measuring and test equipment is calibrated to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard that applies to that specific instrument's national standard. We utilize a third party calibration company that is also ISO 9000 certified. This ensures the highest quality calibration not only of our sophisticated computerized final test fixtures, but also all of our digital, electronic and manual measuring and test equipment.

Upon receipt, we conduct a rigorous two step inspection of all parts, products and raw materials that enter our facility. Incoming shipments are segregated and routed to the appropriate cells within the organization. Any damaged shipments are routed into a nonconforming area, tagged nonconforming, digitally photographed and formally reported to the Purchasing Department for the appropriate corrective action measures. Parts are also required to pass through a Second Stage Quality Control Inspection. Samples are retained and posted in the Inventory Control Cell that supplies Production with those parts. In addition, in-process inspections are conducted in which guidance boards, technical bulletins; work instructions and reference documentation are used to conduct a variety of visual inspections for fit, form and function. Finally, components are subjected to a number of specific tests, including regulator testing, rectifier testing, stator testing, armature testing and rotor testing to name a few.

The pride of the Quality Department is the automated computerized final test fixtures. These test fixtures test every unit manufactured by Wilson. The parameters and configurations of every unit are pre- programmed into a computerized database, eliminating the possibility of human error. Once the test is initiated, the computer compares the results of the unit against the predetermined parameters. Every unit is tested in order to ensure it meets or exceeds original equipment (OE) specifications.

Starter Test

The Starter test procedures include a 19-point inspection across the entire RPM specification range. These include:

» Current
» Speed
» Close test hold current
» Open test
» Pull current
» Voltage drop
» Maximum current
» Maximum power
» Ripple current
» Maximum torque
» And series of torque constants

Test results are recorded on the dated and serialized test report, which will accompany your Wilson starter.

Alternator Test

The Alternator test procedures include a 14-point inspection at 5 different RPM's. These include:

» Maximum output power with and without full load
» Voltage regulator set points turn on speed
» Voltage regulator load response control
» Leakage

And a variety of regulator functions are all part of our overall functional testing.

Test results are recorded on the dated and serialized test report, which will accompany your Wilson alternator.

Units that have passed all tests and inspections are stamped by our highly trained Quality Assurance Personnel. These units are then placed in approved protective packaging to ensure that they are delivered to our customers in the same condition as they were when removed from the computerized test fixture.

The results of our world class manufacturing and testing processes are visible in our industry leading low warranty rates and our superb on time delivery and order fill rates. Our products work well and work the first time. In addition, our warehouse and logistics operations allow us to provide our customers with the right product at the right time.


BBB Industries was the first ISO/TS16949 certified supplier of new and remanufactured rotating electrical product in North America. BBB's ISO/TS16949 registered system includes a vast array of receiving, in-process, and final inspection and testing requirements. Other industry certifications that BBB maintains include:

» ISO 9001: 2008
» Ford Q1
» ISO 14001
» ISO 18001


Our quality initiatives do not stop once we ship a product. We have a world class Technical Support Group that provides "best in class" assistance and is staffed by a team of industry leading professionals, each with years of experience in the automotive rotating electrical industry. This team is capable of assisting customers with diagnostics, troubleshooting, installation and providing solutions to the most difficult situations. Our team of professionals can help guide you through step-by-step solutions to identify and correct many common problems which may be encountered during product installation, product use and product compatibility.

That's why we can say without a doubt that our products are "Built to a Higher Standard".

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With our world-class manufacturing facilities, strategically located warehouses and nearly 1,000 business partners, Wilson offers a business philosophy rooted in continuous improvement and customer service that is unparalleled in the heavy duty aftermarket industry.


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